Focus on Team Optimization, NOT your Low Performers

One of the driving forces of innovation in Silicon Valley is not the one or two geniuses roaming around the campus of a Google of Facebook. Software engineers in The Valley are encouraged to work together because studies show groups tend to innovate faster, see mistakes more quickly and find better solutions to problems.

The Importance of the Sprint in Sprint Recruiting

If you find yourself overwhelmed by your workload, try breaking it down to smaller, bite-size pieces and work in a sprint. Try limiting your sprint to one or two weeks and measure your results. That's where Sprint Recruiting becomes your secret weapon!

Content Marketing as a Recruiting Strategy

Successful recruiters do content marketing by default. For the high valued targets on your recruiting lists, you may send industry articles or share valueable content occassionally as a way to stay on the recruit’s mind. All I am suggesting is to make content marketing a permanent, planned part of your recruiting strategy.

Your Recruiting Strategy Sucks!

If you find yourself wondering why you are not seeing the right candidates or any candidates at all, there's a good chance your recruiting strategy sucks! The good news is that you can make some quick adjustments to get everything back on track and find that rockstar employee.

Internal Career Counselor- The Future of Recruiting

Do you want to see the future of recruiting? Here are 3 reasons why investing in an Internal Career Counselor is the future of recruiting.

Data Analytics & Recruiting

Most people are freaked out when they are surfing Facebook or another site and find targeted ads related to a product they were researching earlier in the day. Ok, I'm a little freaked out but I am also amazed at how companies know to bring content to me based on data. I guess that's why … Continue reading Data Analytics & Recruiting

Recruiting Lessons from the Game of Thrones

I am a total geek when it comes to Game of Thrones. The characters, the intertwined plot, the twists I never see coming and the dragons.... yeah, I'm all in when it comes to the series. To celebrate one of my favorite obsessions, I'd like to share recruiting lessons from the Game of Thrones.

High-Performing Jerks in the Office

Sitcom producers have made millions by capitalizing on the person in the office all of us love to hate. You know the person I'm talking about-the high performing jerk. The one no one likes but everyone caters to. The person everyone secretly wishes could be taken out by a hitman but would never say that out loud. So what do you do when you have a high performing jerk in the office?

Being too close to your employees can backfire

Over the years, leadership books, blogs and podcasts have encouraged leaders to form close relationships with their teams as another linchpin in organizational efficiency. But what if being too close to your employees can backfire? A recently published research article in the Journal of Applied Psychology, suggests that it could. The research is based on … Continue reading Being too close to your employees can backfire