Monday Motivation: Think like an Owner, not a Victim

Every day, you have a decision to make: will I be a victim of what happens to me or will I be an owner. A victim mindset sees everything that happens to them as a out of their control. The owner mindset realizes they are in control of everything:how they feel, how they react and how productive they will be.

I realized in 2014 when I was faced with some troubling times that I had lived too long with the victim mindset. When I was cheated on, I blamed the other person. When I didn’t get the job I wanted, it was because of internal politics. I took no accountability for anything and I felt out of control.

As I began to change my thinking to more of an owner, I began to realize I was in control all along. I had the power to change my life and refused to allow to give that power to anyone else.

For your Monday Motivation, I want to challenge you to become an owner and dominate your Monday and dominate your week.

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