Enhancements for LinkedIn Recruiter-My suggestions

If there is one tool recruiters use religiously, it is LinkedIn Recruiter. The platform has become the dominant sourcing tool for talent acquisition over the last ten years. Although LinkedIn has continued to enhance the platform, there are still a lot of enhancements for LinkedIn Recruiter left to be made. Here are some of the things I’d like to see in the platform.


Facebook Messenger. Gmail. Outlook. Instagram. Snapchat.

All of these sites offer read receipts so why doesn’t LinkedIn Recruiter offer read receipts as a service? My goal would not be to stalk candidates but rather to know when to leave them alone.

Feedback from friends outside of recruiting is that LinkedIn is seen as a recruiter’s playground so they don’t bother with messaging. I think if recruiters knew when messages were read, we’d would lay off the constant barrage of emails to prospective candidates. If they don’t respond after reading the message then I might try to leverage our common network to make contact rather than simply waiting 90 days before sending another email.

It’s about engagement, not stalking so please, can we have this as one of the enhancements for LinkedIn Recruiter?

Enhance Inmail, It’s 2019!

I value the messaging service but sometimes I feel like I’m working with Outlook from 2010.

I can’t insert gifs to make things a little lighter. I can’t brand the inmail at all with pics. I have to use another service to shorten links and not make the message look like spam.

Seriously, can we update inmail to the new age? Let’s give recruiters the opportunity to brand their message a little more or at least let us show our personality with gifs etc. There are services like MailChimp that offers so much more in terms of engagement and branding. I just don’t understand why LinkedIn will not do the same, especially when you can do all of these on your personal LinkedIn inmail.

Projects and Manager Reviews

The process of sharing a project with a manager is a bit basic for a platform like LinkedIn. Sure, they can go in and review but I think there are so many opportunities for an upgrade.

  • In an age when most of us are accustomed to using the @ to tag people, I’d love to see LinkedIn Recruiter leverage this in projects. Imagine being able to do a search and click on a profile and hit @Manager “What do you think of this profile?” . It would be a lot easier and I think, a bit more interactive between recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Let’s go one step further. What if we could use the @Manager function to also assign a task. We could assign them the task to follow up with the candidate if their a hot prospect in our pipeline. Managers could @Recruiter to provide intel on the candidate from their network. The options are limitless!
  • While we’re at it, could we add a filter to the search/project function to allow recruiters to add the hiring manager’s network to the search? Imagine doing a search and then filtering it by those only in the manager’s network. This would greatly enhance the opportunity for us to train our managers to source talent from their network first.

SEO builder in Job Posts

I’m writing this post using WordPress and have begun using SEO helper Yoast for my posts. For those of us who are not SEO gurus, it’s a great platform to help me zero in on actions I need to take to help my content show up in the right search results. Adding a SEO helper would be an unreal enhancement for LinkedIn Recruiter.

Sometimes job names in a company may not be the same as those in the market. Key words in the job description could differ greatly from comparative jobs in the industry. With a SEO helper, recruiters could tailor their job posts to target the right candidates who would be searching for them.

Sure, I know that we can pay extra to do targeting for our job posts but the SEO helper would give some job posts a fighting chance to get the attention of the right candidate searching from Google.

Don’t get me wrong…..

I absolutely love LinkedIn Recruiter and I will say their product development team is amazing! I’ve had the honor to attend some of their design thinking labs while at the conference and their team is always open to suggestions and feedback to make the platform better.

So, if my friends in LinkedIn product management are listening, can we please get one or all of these enhancements for LinkedIn Recruiter this year?!

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