NakedHR-the 7 deadly sins of HR

So I’m taking a major leap, one that excites me, scares me and exposes a lot of insecurities.  I have a passion for leveraging HR departments everywhere to become the transformational catalyst within organizations.  Unfortunately, in the process of releasing this book, I feel I will most likely create a number of enemies in my own profession.
Have you ever wondered why Human Resource departments around the world struggle to gain the engagement and partnership of their employees?  In NakedHR, I cover the 7 Deadly Sins that make HR Suck!
The Deadly Sins have come from my interactions with company leaders, feedback from polls on LinkedIn and life experiences.  If you are looking for an HR self-help book packed full of stories that will be soup for your soul…. Sorry, wrong book.  This will be an in your face, raw, and unfiltered challenge to UP your game.
The title of the book is NAKED HR, do you really think I plan to dress anything up for you?
So, with that, LET’S GET NAKED!
Ready to order the book?  I have a special price just for you!  Click here! 
To receive a copy of Chapter 1, please go to the link below and register to receive the link to download your copy.

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