Have you ever wondered why HR departments suck?  When you think of your HR department, do the words innovative, consultative and engaged come to mind? Unfortunately, most executives and employees see HR departments as a necessary evil, not as a valued partner or trusted advisor.

The HR industry needs a makeover!  The book NakedHR-The 7 Deadly Sins that Make HR Suck addresses seven reasons why most HR departments are viewed as a necessary evil and not a profit-enabling center of excellence.  If you are looking for a Chicken Soup for the Soul style book with great little stories about HR, this is the wrong book!  The title of the book is NAKED HR; do you really think I plan to dress anything up for you?

This will be an in your face, raw, and unfiltered challenge to transform yourself and your HR department to a powerful, consultative partner for the business.  You will learn how to join the revolution in HR to reclaim a seat at the table to design and implement strategies that will make your company profitable.

So, with that, LET’S GET NAKED

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