High-Performing Jerks in the Office

Sitcom producers have made millions by capitalizing on the person in the office all of us love to hate. You know the person I'm talking about-the high performing jerk. The one no one likes but everyone caters to. The person everyone secretly wishes could be taken out by a hitman but would never say that out loud. So what do you do when you have a high performing jerk in the office?

Being too close to your employees can backfire

Over the years, leadership books, blogs and podcasts have encouraged leaders to form close relationships with their teams as another linchpin in organizational efficiency. But what if being too close to your employees can backfire? A recently published research article in the Journal of Applied Psychology, suggests that it could. The research is based on … Continue reading Being too close to your employees can backfire

3 Reasons You Should be Talking About Data Analytics in HR

I admit it-I'm a data nerd. I minored in finance and statistics so I've always been drawn to data to validate any business idea I've had. Early in my HR career, I gorged on the vast amounts of data available and this was way before it was "sexy" to be into data. Here are 3 … Continue reading 3 Reasons You Should be Talking About Data Analytics in HR

Can a boss fire an employee on the spot?

The game show The Weakest Link was a great show! I loved watching a team of contestants trying win within a time limit by completing a chain of correct answers. When the chain was broken with an incorrect answer, the team was prompted to vote to eliminate one of their teammates, the so-called "weakest link" … Continue reading Can a boss fire an employee on the spot?

Enhancements for LinkedIn Recruiter-My suggestions

If there is one tool recruiters use religiously, it is LinkedIn Recruiter. The platform has become the dominant sourcing tool for talent acquisition over the last ten years. Although LinkedIn has continued to enhance the platform, there are still a lot of enhancements for LinkedIn Recruiter left to be made. Here are some of the things I'd like to … Continue reading Enhancements for LinkedIn Recruiter-My suggestions

The One Question to help Leaders Focus on Strategy-Lesson from Intel

When you think of Intel, you most likely think of the its dominance in the microprocessor industry. Most of us have forgotten how Intel broke into the market depending primarily on the production of its memory chips. This shift in product strategy altered the brand, making Intel a household name. What was the one question that helps leaders focus on strategy?

The Effects of Politics in an Organization

As the nation continues to struggle through the government shutdown, the two "leaders" with the power to end it have begun playing political games at the expense thousands of governmental employees' lives. Recent events have brought the awful effects of politics in an organization. Pelosi fired the first shot citing the shutdown as a reason … Continue reading The Effects of Politics in an Organization

The Right Way to Ask for a Raise

Just the thought of it can make your stomach turn, your muscles tense and your brain shut down. Believe it or not, you're not the only one paralyzed by the thought of scheduling time with your manager to discuss compensation. If you're unsure on how exactly to ask for what you are worth, let's discuss the right way to ask for a raise.

Top 5 HR Trends for 2019

2019 HR trends

2019 is shaping up to be a year of change and surprises. The world of Human Resources will see a number of trends come to fruition this year as the economy and workforce continue to change at a rapid pace. Here are my top 5 predicted trends.

Productivity Tip-Focus on your Health!

I would guess roughly 90% of the New Year resolutions have something to do with eating better or working out more or starting some new fad lifestyle but that's not what I would suggest focusing on this year. Rather than going all in on some fad diet or routine that will exhaust your willpower and set you on the course for an inevitable crash, my recommendation would be to focus on the small levers that will have the greatest impact on your health for 2019.