Social Media:Being Engaged without being Obsessed


I get picked on a lot by fellow professionals and family alike asking me questions like:

  • Do you ever sleep?
  • Do you ever work?
  • Are you obsessed with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Can you shut your Social Media Voice up for a week?

Typically, these comments come from people who also ask me to assess the value of Social Media and ask for business tips so I don’t take the questions personally. It does bring up a great question though, how do you remain engaged in social media without being obsessed with it?

I have a full time job, I am finishing my Masters, have three active kids, and am on more projects than I can remember. Being a self-proclaimed nerd, I typically read at night as a way to decompress my mind and find new ideas. Personally, I use the PULSE app to aggregate all of the various blogs and news sources I like to follow so I can go to one place and scan for the things that jump out at me. What many people don’t know is that I will often schedule my content two or three days out on my various networks, sharing what I’ve read or sparking a conversation. This takes all of three or four clicks and using a platform like HootSuite to manage all of my platforms (except Google +).

As for my blogging, I typically get inspired over the weekends to get my writing out, again, it’s part of my weird relaxation method. Some people like to do yoga or run, but I like to get my thoughts out on my blog. Again, I typically will crank out three or four posts and just have them scheduled to be released throughout the week. This method helps me remain relevant and active without having my eyes glued to the screen throughout the week.

Also, there are times when it’s good to take a break from work, a 5 minute siesta of sorts, to remain energized. I’ll occasionally scan through my various feeds for items of worth and then get back to work. This helps me with a variety of work related issues:

  • Fatigue
  • Mental Block
  • Shaking off a bad call
  • Getting by mojo back

So if you’re looking for a great way to remain engaged without being obsessed, check out platforms like Pulse or Hoot-suite that brings everything to you in one place. If you’re thinking about blogging or engaging in conversation, this is the best route to take. Look up similar products until you find the product that fits your needs. Don’t be overtaken by Social Media but don’t be silent on it either. Both decisions result in death by Social Media.

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