Being too close to your employees can backfire

Over the years, leadership books, blogs and podcasts have encouraged leaders to form close relationships with their teams as another linchpin in organizational efficiency. But what if being too close to your employees can backfire? A recently published research article in the Journal of Applied Psychology, suggests that it could. The research is based on … Continue reading Being too close to your employees can backfire

Stop Hiding Behind Policy

I cannot put into words the vile feelings I have when I hear someone in my profession say, “According to policy” or “Policy states”. It’s almost like a nuclear explosion erupts in my head and manifests itself on my face. I typically have to count to ten before responding and even then my response is … Continue reading Stop Hiding Behind Policy

NakedHR-the 7 deadly sins of HR

So I'm taking a major leap, one that excites me, scares me and exposes a lot of insecurities.  I have a passion for leveraging HR departments everywhere to become the transformational catalyst within organizations.  Unfortunately, in the process of releasing this book, I feel I will most likely create a number of enemies in my own profession.