The One Question to help Leaders Focus on Strategy-Lesson from Intel

When you think of Intel, you most likely think of the its dominance in the microprocessor industry. Most of us have forgotten how Intel broke into the market depending primarily on the production of its memory chips. This shift in product strategy altered the brand, making Intel a household name. What was the one question that helps leaders focus on strategy?

Stop Hiding Behind Policy

I cannot put into words the vile feelings I have when I hear someone in my profession say, “According to policy” or “Policy states”. It’s almost like a nuclear explosion erupts in my head and manifests itself on my face. I typically have to count to ten before responding and even then my response is … Continue reading Stop Hiding Behind Policy

Monday Motivation: Think like an Owner, not a Victim

Every day, you have a decision to make: will I be a victim of what happens to me or will I be an owner. A victim mindset sees everything that happens to them as a out of their control. The owner mindset realizes they are in control of everything:how they feel, how they react and … Continue reading Monday Motivation: Think like an Owner, not a Victim

NakedHR-the 7 deadly sins of HR

So I'm taking a major leap, one that excites me, scares me and exposes a lot of insecurities.  I have a passion for leveraging HR departments everywhere to become the transformational catalyst within organizations.  Unfortunately, in the process of releasing this book, I feel I will most likely create a number of enemies in my own profession.  

Being a “Ghost Hunter” Leader

There are tons of shows out there around the whole idea of hunting for ghosts. Some are incredibly ridiculous and could be a better fit on the Comedy Channel rather than the channels they are on. My favorite is Ghost Adventures with the muscular frat guy and his two pals who like to make themselves … Continue reading Being a “Ghost Hunter” Leader