Stop Hiding Behind Policy

I cannot put into words the vile feelings I have when I hear someone in my profession say, “According to policy” or “Policy states”. It’s almost like a nuclear explosion erupts in my head and manifests itself on my face. I typically have to count to ten before responding and even then my response is … Continue reading Stop Hiding Behind Policy

HR Should Function like the Central Nervous System in the Organization

I have yet to meet someone who did not marvel at the wonders of the human body.  Billions of cells working together behind the scenes to manufacture life in countless forms of beauty and wonder.  As a self-proclaimed nerd, I immerse myself in documentaries, books, and articles related to the inner-workings of our bodies, especially … Continue reading HR Should Function like the Central Nervous System in the Organization

NAKEDHR-The Book Release

Have you ever wondered why Human Resource departments around the world struggle to gain the engagement and partnership of their employees? In NakedHR, I cover the 7 Deadly Sins that make HR Suck! The Deadly Sins have come from my interactions with company leaders, feedback from polls on LinkedIn and life experiences. If you are … Continue reading NAKEDHR-The Book Release

HR, You have too many silos!

I love the character Dory in Disney’s Nemo and in her own movie Dory.  She’s a beautiful surgeonfish who has some minor memory issues.  It seems she can recall long-term memory but tends to forget anything her friends tell her only minutes before. As one could imagine, this can present a significant problem if you’re … Continue reading HR, You have too many silos!

HR, You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling!

In my mind, HR is there to protect the business's people which ultimately protects the business. I have found through some conversations with participants this is not true in most organizations.

NakedHR Chapter Release: Survey Says: HR is Fake and Unapproachable

Below is an excerpt from my book in progress: NakedHR.  If you'd like to learn more and receive a free copy of chapter one, click here. In 2015, I began working for a new director who I affectionately refer to as my work mom.  We shared a similar background in that we both came from … Continue reading NakedHR Chapter Release: Survey Says: HR is Fake and Unapproachable

NEVER put HR Policy over People

One of my favorite office related movies is Office Space.  Although released in 1999, the humor regarding some of the stupid things we do in offices in name of productivity still apply.  I think anyone who has watched the movie knows how much the company loved putting policy over people. In the movie, Ron Livingston … Continue reading NEVER put HR Policy over People

NakedHR-The 1st Deadly Sin

The first Deadly Sin of HR: Not Knowing the Business. The first step of being a successful HR professional is not only knowing the ins and outs of HR but of the business you support. Chapter 1 uses the character Wendy Rhoades off of the Showtime series Billions as a prototype for how a successful … Continue reading NakedHR-The 1st Deadly Sin

NakedHR-the 7 deadly sins of HR

So I'm taking a major leap, one that excites me, scares me and exposes a lot of insecurities.  I have a passion for leveraging HR departments everywhere to become the transformational catalyst within organizations.  Unfortunately, in the process of releasing this book, I feel I will most likely create a number of enemies in my own profession.