Why you should LOVE your haters!

Do you have haters?  Maybe you’re not a social media icon or celebrity but I would imagine all of us deal with haters on some level.  Perhaps they are people you work with, your family members or exes who tend to have a comment about everything you do.  Let me share with you why you should love your haters

Warning, I use colorful language in this video so if you are easily offended, just read the excerpts below the video!

Reason #1: It means you’re doing something right!

Any attention is good attention although it sounds counter intuitive.  If you have haters, it means you’ve arrived! So love your haters for proving that you’re onto something big and keep your focus!

Reason #2: Let it Challenge you.

Take what they are saying to up your game and get even better.  I like to quote the popular meme and say, “Just wait haters, I have so much more.”  Also, let it be a challenge for you to keep negativity in its place.  Challenge your mindset to only focus on the things you can learn from what they are saying but not

Reason #3: Let it Motivate you!

Being able to prove someone wrong is a great motivator for most of us.  That little bit of shut-up juice you can give to that group of haters will be such a great moment for you so focus on that.  Let it motivate you to do even more, even better and scale your success.  And by the way, don’t just prove them wrong, f-ing rock it while you do it!

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