Zombies in the Office-The Productivity Killers

In celebration of Halloween, I decided I would talk about four “Monsters” in the office. Our first monster has a bite that render you like them, walking around aimlessly with the rest of the hourde. As the disease infects your body, you lose the ability to speak, make your own decisions and become a carnivorous beast feasting on those left in the world who still have life and are productive.

I sometimes feel like a character on The Walking Dead except that I’m not surrounded by flesh eating zombies, I’m surrounded by productivity assassins. These zombies drain the life out of me and cause me to lose my focus. Here are my top three:

1. Useless meetings and emails

2. Repetitive Tasks

3. Toxic People

I hope you enjoy the video where I talk more about these three categories of zombies and how I combat them!

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